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Self Defense Without Fighting

It has been said by one of the great karate masters that the best victory is one in which not a blow was struck. I think today, where our liberal courts have made a mockery of good law abiding citizens by making them liable for thieves breaking into their homes and quickly levying assault charges on those who try to defend themselves, this is good advise.

So it is advisable to learn some good verbal, spatial and assertive skills like we teach in Street Defense 101.

Renowned self defense expert, Peyton Quinn, tells of his years of experience as a bouncer in a rough biker bar. He found that in almost every case that ended up in blows that there was some sort of verbal exchange that preceded it.

There are actually three skills that should be learned in dealing with a hostile situation or agression. First, you should learn not to show any fear. This does not mean that you will not feel fear. Fear is a natural result of real aggression. You want to learn not to show the fear.

Two, do not fight fire with fire. Do not insult, aggrevate, challenge or egg on the aggressor.

Three, give the aggressor an honorable way out. Let them keep face. Let them walk away proud. This is extremely important if they are with their buddies or girlfriend.

Learn good assertive skills. The message we want to give our enemy or aggressor is: "Look, this is not going to be easy." "This guy is not going to lay down and be free lunch." It is easier for a bully or criminal to find an 'easy' victim than to deal with you.

The truth is most criminals prey on the weak and helpless. Learn to walk tall with your head up. Be aware of your surroundings. Look for the signs of trouble. Trust your gut feelings. Avoid areas and places where trouble lurks. Most of all learn good assertive skills and practice them with a friend or loved one.

Shihan Michael Pace


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