It seems there is an increased interest in learning about fighting on the street. I base that on the number of emails we get on the subject.

Street fighting for the purpose of learning how to pick fights or to gang fight is not our interest. So when I get these type of emails I never even respond. Some, however, are really interested in self defense or responding to a street attack or fight.

It's amusing to read some of these emails."I am going to fight this big guy later, can you give be a few quick techniques so that I can kick his a..." How ridiculous. Like I could tell then in a few sentences what to do!

Learning fighting techniques for the street can be a diverse issue. Winning on the Street is an interesting example. The ads for that product either get rave reviews or hate letters. Most of these come from martial artists who believe their martial arts techniques will always work in a street confrontation. Yet, many who have purchased this video send me letters telling me how much it has helped them. Some include martial arts instructors!

Most of us have heard of black belts fighting someone on the street and getting their butt kicked. This is sometimes due to their false security that their dojo fighting techniques will really work in real self defense.

Most martial artists are not familiar with adrenal stress conditioning. They have never trained under duress so when a real fighting situation occurs they are shocked to find they cannot access their multi-step, fine motor coordination techniques. Read more about street fighting.


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